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ARKANSAS FALL FOLIAGE: The Best Scenic Fall Drives

ARKANSAS FALL FOLIAGE: 6 of the Best Scenic Fall Drives

Scenic Arkansas Fall Foliage - #DFRV

One of the most incredible ways to spend a weekend duringthe fall season in Arkansas is on the road. We all love to watch the fallfoliage change colors, and what better way is there to do it than hop in thecar, or on the motorcycle, and drive these routes. Here is a list of the six bestscenic drives that the state of Arkansas has to offer, in no particular order.

Highway 7 Byway

One of our favorite, and one of the closest, scenic drivesto the Little Rock area is the Highway 7 Byway that runs through almost theentire state. Along the Scenic 7 Byway, you will drive through the Ouachita andOzark National Forests, while driving past a variety of rivers and threedifferent lakes. There is nothing quite like fall on the Scenic 7 Byway.

Scenic Arkansas - #DFRV

Pig Trail Scenic Byway

The Pig Trail Scenic Byway is a 19-mile-long byway that endsin good ole’ Fayetteville itself. The trail features the beautiful OzarkMountains and a number of steep, curvy roads for a fun, captivating drivingexperience.

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway, believe it or not, was actually thefirst National Scenic Byway in the state. It runs through the northeast cornerof the state, all the way down to West Helena and features some of the mosteye-catching fall foliage available in the country.

Boston Mountains Scenic Loop

This particular scenic loop runs from Alma to Fayettevilleand traverses through areas of the Ozark Mountains that are pretty undeveloped.The drive includes breathtaking views of fall-colored trees covering mountainpasses and canyons and along the way, you might just find yourself stopped atone of the many Ozark Mountain restaurants or shops. 

Scenic Arkansas Fall Foliage - #DFRV

Mount Magazine

The Mount Magazine Scenic Byway is one of the mostintimidating trips on the list, but also provides one of the most exhilaratingexperiences of the bunch. It takes you through the forests and on the slopes ofMount Magazine. In fact, you will find yourself at Arkansas’ highest point,which is 2,753 feet high. At the top of Mount Magazine sits Mount MagazineState Park, which has a lot to offer in and of itself.

Petit Jean Mountain

Petit Jean Mountain is a pretty incredible place in thefall, as it features over 20 miles of hiking trails. While this isn’tnecessarily all driving, we figured that it had to make the list. Make thedrive to Petit Jean and then experience some of the most exhilarating hikingtrails available in the state of Arkansas!

Arkansas has a lot to offer in the fall, and these scenicbyways and short road trips are just a few of the many beautiful sights thatare out there to see. Come see visit us at Denton Ferry RV Park & LuxuryCabin Rental and experience the fall foliage like never before!


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